Other services

Other services we provide

A wood chipper is a machine that grinds branches into woodchips. This reduces it's volume and saves us trips to the landfill. Good for us, good for you & and good for the environment!

We will be happy to help you with removing all the branches and tidy up after the tree felling. The part of the tree that is good for firewood we can cut in the length you need if you want to keep it We can also remove old compost from your property!

When the snow gets to heavy it can cause structural damage to your house or building. If you are in doubt if you should clear your roof or not you can call us or your insurance company to ask! And don’t forget the dangerous ice hanging from your roof! Even a small one can cause injury if it falls on a person! Stubbeteknikk has all necessary safety equipment & many years of experience clearing snow & ice from roofs.

Remember to clean the gutters before winter to prevent it to break when the temperature gets to low! Stubbeteknikk uses safe techniques and special equipment to work on your roof. We can also pressure wash your roof when we are up there!

How can we help you?

With skillful arborists good routines and years of experience we can do any job quick & efficient at a reasonable price!